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Assessment Phase


Chemical elements, often naturally occurring, that are defined by their ability to conduct heat and electricity and easily form positive ions. 

Metals in Soil (MIS-1 – MIS-6)
ITRC Metals Summary Page
Information on soil washing and the emerging technologies of phytoremediation, electrokinetics, and in situ stabilization/in-place inactivation.

Small Arms Firing Range (SMART-1)
Section 2 (Site Characterization)
Describes the approach to site characterization of a small arms firing range and includes determining range history, range design considerations and layout, sample collection and analysis, and risk assessment.

Small Arms Firing Range (SMART-2)
Section 1.1 (Problem Statement), Table 2-1
This section and table provide information about the metals commonly associated with range activities at small arms firing ranges.

Attenuation Processes for Metals and Radionuclides (APMR-1)
Section 2.1.2 (Aqueous Speciation) through 2.1.7 (Geochemical Gradients), pages 12-22
Good General description of pH, ORP, eH and how that impacts groundwater plumes.