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Assessment Phase

Diffusion/Passive Samplers

Diffusive/passive sampling technologies are designed to collect discrete environmental samples without an active collection technique, such as pumping or purging.

Dense, Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids (DNAPLs-5)
Subsection 4.2.2 (Decrease in Dissolved Concentration – Use of Passive Diffusion Bag Samplers)
Describes passive diffusion bag (PDB) sampling accuracy and cost-effective alternative to standard (or low-flow) purge-and-sample techniques for collecting dissolved VOC data at monitoring wells.

Diffusion/Passive Samplers (DSP-1)
Section 1 (Introduction)
Describes how water-filled passive diffusion bag (PDB) samplers are suitable for obtaining concentrations of a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ground water at monitoring wells.

Diffusion/Passive Samplers (DSP-3)
Section 1.3 comparison against other means of sampling, Table 1-2 Sampling Comparison
Polyethylene diffusion bag (PDB) samplers are low-density polyethylene bags containing deionized water, used to collect water samples in groundwater wells for laboratory analyses of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).