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Remediation Phase

Alternative Landfill Technologies

Technologies that are used to support the remediation and closure of landfills.

Alternative Landfill Technology Documents
A series of documents that addresses regulatory and technical obstacles that inhibit the use of alternative landfill covers, bioreactor landfills, and a process to optimize post-closure care of landfills.

Alternative Final Landfill Covers (ALT-2)
Section 1 (Introduction)

Information for decision makers associated with the plan development, review, and implementation of alternative final covers (AFCs), which may also be referred to in this text as alternative covers, alternative landfill covers, or ET (evapotranspiration covers).

Ecological Land Reuse of Remediated Sites(ECO-2)
Section 4.1.3 (Flexibility in State Solid Waste Regulations), page 23
Details federal regulations pertaining to municipal solid waste facilities.

Ecological Land Reuse of Remediated Sites (ECO-2)
Section 8.2 (New Beginnings – The Woodlawn Wildlife Area, Port Deposit, Maryland), page 77
Case study that details the alternative landfill technologies.

Ecological Land Reuse of Remediated Sites (ECO-2)
Appendix C. Case Studies
Case studies that detail the alternative landfill technologies.

Phytotechnologies (PHYTO-3)
Section 1.3.2 (Phytostabilization Covers for Infiltration Control)
Discusses phytostabilization covers for infiltration control on landfills.

Phytotechnologies (PHYTO-3)
Section 1.3.3 (Phytoremediation Groundcovers)
Discusses how densely rooted groundcover plants and grasses can also be used to phytoremediate contaminants on landfills.

Phytotechnologies (PHYTO-3)
Section (Supplementing to Supplanting Existing Remediation Systems)
Discusses vegetative covers for infiltration control as a replacement or supplement to conventional landfill covers.