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Remediation Phase


Green/sustainable remediation technologies seek to reduce the environmental footprint of site remediation. Goals of green remediation may include reducing total energy use and/or utilizing renewable energy sources; reducing water use; and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ecological Land Reuse (ECO-2)
Section 2.1 (Using Natural of Ecological Enhancements), Section 2.2 (Natural of Green Remediation Strategies), and Section 5.2 (Selection of Green Verses Traditional Technologies)
Describes the aspects and process for ecological enhancement, a modification to a site which increases and improves habitat for plants and animals while protecting human health and the environment.

Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR-1)
Section 1 (Introduction)
Descriptions of the green and sustainable remediation holistic approach to site planning, investigation, assessment of remedial alternatives, remedy selection, remedy design, and construction and implementation of the chosen remedy.