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Remediation Phase

Permeable Reactive Barriers

A permeable wall built with reactive materials to treat groundwater as it flows through the barrier.

Integrated DNAPL Site Strategy (IDSS-1)
Section Describes PRBs and their use in treatment of DNAPLs.
Section Describes low-permeability barrier walls and their use in treatment of DNAPLs.
Table 4-2: A technology compatibility matrix for PRBs with other remediation technologies.

Mining Waste (MW-1)
Technology overview: Permeable Reactive Barrier Systems
A broad overview of PRB systems and their use in treating mining waste affected sites. 

Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB-4)
This document is a broad overview of PRBs and their design, use, performance assessment, and regulatory considerations.
Section 2.1: Review of treatment processes that are facilitated by PRBs.
Section 4.1: Describes the considerations needed for effectual PRB design.

Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB-5)
Report of a technology update for prior PRB documents.
Section 1.4: Describes the best use of PRB in tandem with other treatment technologies.
Section 4: Describes reactive media used in PRBs and the treatment processes they facilitate.
Section 5: Design of PRBs and the site characteristics that influence PRB design.
Section 5.4: Use of groundwater, VOC reaction kinetics, and geochemical modeling in PRB design.
Section 7: Performance monitoring design and assessment of PRB efficacy.