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Remediation Phase

Thermal Remediation

Thermal technologies employ differing combinations of temperature, time, mixing and vacuum to remove organic constituents from solids.

Solid Media And Low Level Mixed Waste Contaminated With Mercury And Hazardous Chlorinated Organics (TD-3)
Section 1.5 (Special Considerations for Treating Hazardous Waste)
Thermal desorbers remove organic constituents from solids by raising the temperature of the contaminated material to a sufficiently high level to effect contaminant volatilization and transfer to a gas stream.

Technology Overview of Electrokinetics (Electrokinetics, Mining Waste Team)
Sections 1-6 (Electrokinetics), pages 1-3
The electrokinetic remediation (ER) process removes metals and organic contaminants from low-permeability soil, mud, sludge, and marine dredging.