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Assessment Phase


Human activity that results in the generation of many different types of waste, including municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, industrial non-hazardous waste, agricultural and animal waste, medical waste, radioactive waste, and mining waste. In the context of environmental assessment and remediation, waste material is commonly a potential source of contaminants to the environment.

1,4 Dioxane (14DX-1)
Section 1 (History of Use) – 1.3.2 Landfill Waste and Leachate
Details Landfill waste materials and leachate information.

1,4 Dioxane (14DX-1)
Section 6 (Remediation and Treatment Technologies)
Discusses information about how to handle and treat 1,4-dixoane waste.

Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR-2)
Section 2 (GRS Planning)
Integrating GSR principles and practices into a project with a discussion on minimizing waste.